Meltedsounds is a software company for Sound Design instruments.
Tilman Hahn:
Sound designer / One of the guys from TONSTURM.

Dietrich Pank:
Reaktor builder from passion since 1998, works now as Sound developer and Reaktor specialist at NI.

Benni Diez:
Director, audiovisual artist and bonvivant based in Cologne Germany
The Origin Of Whoosh Design:
WHOOSH - is inspired by posts and tutorials that can be found on exceptional resources like and through my daily work in film and sound effects design. It all began with an amazing article by Charles Deenen: 100 Whooshes in 2 Minutes which was posted at Designingsound in 2010. After reading this highly inspirational article I experimented with synchronizing mixer and effect automations to a Doppler path as I wanted to align the events precisely but with optional randomness or editing possibilities. Soon I discovered that the sort of thing I wanted to realize was only possible in an instrument solely build for the purpose to design whoosh and pass by effects. In November 2011 Dietrich Pank and I started the development of the WHOOSH. Dietrich is the one who really built the whole instrument. He contributed a lot off ideas and from beginning on he was very picky about the sound of doppler engine. He spent a lot of time and testing to make it sound as natural and powerful as possible. Later we came up with the idea of the Wave Mixer and the Grain Players. The idea was to make all the modulations and the grain sample playback syncable to the Doppler Path. In 2012 Jean-Eduard Milcot posted his Kyma patch: 100 Whooshes in 2 minutes, which is amazing and a must for every Kyma user to there! J-ed´s patch really gave us a lot of further inspiration. Besides the engine the included field recordings are an important factor for the sound and character of WHOOSH. So be sure to check out the amazing sound effect companies that have contributed to the versatile and extensive onboard library of Whoosh!
Looking for high quality sound effects?
Check out these amazing field & effect recordists that put their heart and soul into their work:
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