For Whoosh Version 1.1:

Just copy the two ensemble files to the location where you keep your user Reaktor ensemble files.

- The "WHOOSH_v1_1_main" ensemble has the sample library embedded. The ensembles are not linked to the additional Sample Library folder.
- The "WHOOSH_v1_1_user" version is preconfigured for using your own sounds. The samplers are empty and wait to be filled with your sounds!
- We additionally included the sample library as an extra. Just in case you want to use the sounds separately, reimport or recombine them. So you can keep the library at any place you wish as it is not linked to the ensembles.
We sent out emails with codes that give you 100% discount when purchasing the new version through our website. Maybe that email landed in your spam folder? Please contact us through our contact form and we will send you new email with download instructions for your update.
Here is the link to our current manual:
WHOOSH V.1.1 Reference Manual

Also be sure to check out the tutorials we have uploaded to our Vimeo channel: